A Call to Missions

Join us today as we worship God our King! God is working all around the world in many different ways. Today, we hear how God is calling Brooke Emel to serve in El Salvador for a week this summer! https://fb.watch/67nZEC9Pbq/

Make Space

Week 2 in our series entitled, The Family of God: Healthy Foundations for Relationships we explore how we can make space for Jesus and others, and why that’s an important thing to do in the Family of God! https://fb.watch/5S8SXpQaM8/

Love Well

We start a new series today entitled, The Family of God: Healthy Foundations for Relationships.  In this first sermon, we explore what love is NOT before moving on to learn what love looks like in the Family of God. https://fb.watch/5S9eXCExqQ/