Godly Influences

Thinking back to my childhood, I can see where the influences that I was exposed to growing up had made a huge impact on me. I bet you can as well. Whether they came from those that were in social group that we called “friends” in or out of school, from social media content that we were exposed to, or from the pressures of our “societal norms” within our geographical location, these have great impacts on how we grow up and what determines our moral and ethical values. As I look out into the world in today’s society, I am saddened by what influences kids today are facing in their schools, communities, and in their homes. I look at what has happened over the last four years or so in our society and it is no wonder that our country is plagued with hate and division, but I truly feel that there is an underlying issue that, if delt with properly, can change the tide of the downward spiral that our society seems to be in. That is changing the influence that the next generation is predominately exposed to. We need to have more Godly influences impacting the lives of our kids and I believe that the most important and influential place for this is at home. We, as parents and guardians, need to expose our children to the sanctifying work of Christ, first and foremost, in our own lives and then be willing to walk alongside them helping them experience Christ in their lives.  I believe that the values and beliefs that are modeled at home have the biggest impact on a child. As we model a Christlike life to them, we offer them an example to follow and an opportunity for questions to be asked where teachable moments arise, we begin to equip them with tools of discernment that can be used as they face the influences in the world. 

I have been challenged by a couple of questions lately that I hope will challenge you, whether your a parent, a guardian, a friend of a teen, teacher, etc…

  1. Are your kids seeing you read your Bible on a regular basis?
  2. Are your kids seeing you engaging in prayer regularly?
  3. Are your kids seeing you engage others in a biblical manner?

I wonder if you would join me in being more intentional in changing the influences that kids are predominately exposed to in today’s society. Lets bring the Gospel to bear on the hearts and minds of our youth in ways that bring everlasting spiritual transformation! Lets engage them with long walks and meaningful conversations, walking alongside them through life’s struggles and challenges.

God Bless!

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