The Wind And The Waves

I think that most of us that look at pictures of the ocean waves coming in and crashing on the rocks or gently rolling up onto the beaches, would think that is peaceful or “post card perfect”. However, walking up to them in person, one would quickly begin to realize the power and fierceness that they can bring. We can see that as we look at pictures or see news clips of waves from a hurricane or even a tropical storm. How about wind, wind can carry the very same fierceness and power that waves can. All you have to do to realize that is to look at the aftermath of what a tornado can do. Wind and waves can at times be picturesque and beautiful, carrying a peaceful and refreshing feel. Then there are times where all they bring is destruction, devastation, and at times, even death. 

Our lives are filled with such times. There will be times that all is good. We will be in a time of comfort and peace. Maybe the seas of life are calm and nothing seems like it could go wrong. But they seem to never last as long as we would like or hope they would. Before we know it, the winds pick up and the waves of trials and tribulations tower over us like Mount Saint Helens, ready to erupt with a fiery inferno. Just when we thought life couldn’t be better, it comes crashing down around us. 

I am reminded of the story of Jesus walking on water, in Matthew 14:22-36, where He called Peter to walk out to Him on the water. Peter does great and follows Jesus’s command to walk out on the water, but what happens is that while walking out to Him, Peter loses His focus on Jesus. He begins to focus on the waves and the wind, resulting in him beginning to sink. We can take a great lesson from this. When life throws all it has at us, we should be diligent in keeping our focus on Jesus. If we don’t, we will be like Peter, and begin to sink deeper into our struggles, our pain, fear, anxiety, whatever it is. 

So I encourage us all, whether in good times or bad, to keep our focus continually on Jesus and allow Him to direct our paths. 

God Bless.

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